why does randy come to visit pony, beyond the obvious?

worked. Are the names Ponyboy and Sodapop nicknames? He is still trying to convince himself of what he wants to make himself believe. WebWhy does Randy come to visit Pony, beyond the obvious? Do you ever lie to yourself? Johnny is reminding Pony to stay young and innocent. 3 Why does Randy visit Pony beyond the obvious? They feel persecuted by the world and lash out sometimes. To warn Pony to stay away This shows that he had been pushed to his limit. After Dally robbed the gas station and was running from the cops, he raised the gun he How did the author foreshadow that Johnny would use his knife in chapter 2? Why does Randy come to visit Pony, beyond the obvious. does it matter in todays world? Answers is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want Why doesn't Ponyboy feel scared when the socs approach him and he threatens them with a broken bottle(p.170-171)? She is also saying that he wasn't just any boy he was someone special to her heart. The author says that things should get better, then he says in the next phrase 'I was wrong.'. The Shepard and Brumly boys grew up in worse neighborhoods. Do you think Dally's parents have influenced the way he is; his personality? In Chapter 11, Randy comes Dally doesn't want Johnny to be hurt or to leave him because Johnny is the only thing he loves. And for the same reason" (p.121) What do you think Pony means, and what is the reason? Why the title of the book? For example, the Greasers arent the richest, or even rich people and they are seen as poor always fighting, a greaser, and a hood. Why are Johnny and Ponyboy at the abandoned church? 5. She is also pregnant. At the dance, what is the name of the mysterious man with the hat? shock from all the events that happened. Explain why Pony might rather anyones hate than their pity (p.162)? Answered by Aslan on 5/18/2017 12:55 PM . The spy in Ponyboy's group is the Soc girl that Ponyboy befriended: Cherry Valence. This does not surprise because she thought the death of Bob was her fault. What does Pony discover about the Socs who were in the car? Randy explains that he is visiting because Cherry has heard his name on the bulletin at school and because everyone involved in Bobs killing has to see the judge the next day regarding the death. NO, one should always stay true to oneself and be positive. WebChapter Eleven 1. What's your own definition of a hero? What do you think is the main idea of the poem that Ponyboy recites to Johnny? Why does randy visit pony beyond the obvious? Whose picture does Ponyboy come across while reading in bed after the rumble? Pony's gang is a bunch of friends who stick together. How do we know Sandy didn't love Soda as much as he loved her? . The socs were drunk, and smelled like alcohol. Because of this, when he lied to himself, it Last updated by bunghole d #828160 on 10/9/2018 2:00 PM You are on page 30 Yes, I think that Dally's parents have had a big impact on the way he is. Why does Randy come to visit Pony, beyond the obvious?? Ponyboy understands how much Darry cares about him and that maybe the reason he is so strict is that he wants to keep him safe. According to the Leadership Requirements Model, what leadership competencies do Authentic Leaders display? Darry means that after you lose someone you have to get on with your life and move on or you'll never be happy. We learned about Johnny that he was special, very rare and hard to come by. Do you think Dally is a hero based on what he did? What's a characteristic Pony repeats about himself in this chapter? Why does Randy come to visit Pony, beyond the obvious? Why? Dally finally broke because Johnny was the only thing he had ever loved. How is this a dramatic change from the Ponyboy we have seen up until this point? Soda wanted to marry her, but she just disappeared, and his letters to her were "returned unopened". Who does Ponyboy see at the end of chapter 8? As Cherry Valance observes to Ponyboy, "things are tough all over", and, after talking with her, Ponyboy realizes that there are individual differences within both groups, and, despite the gulf that separates the classes, they all "see the same sunset", Middle School 5-Hour Mental Health Vocabulary, Vocabulary for Achievement: Fourth Course, Harold Levine, Norman Levine, Robert T. Levine, myPerspectives: English Language Arts, Grade 7, Chapter 4: Functional Anatomy of Prokaryotic. He saved Pony from being drowned by a bunch of Socs boys. Why would being crippled be worse for Johnny than someone else? randy talked to pony to see if he was fine and to see if he knew what was going on with the court thing. Sodapop tells Ponyboy how tough it is for Darry to look after them, and that although Darry always seems to be on his case, he really loves Ponyboy a lot. Write an essay explaining why you believe one of the main Greasers could be considered a hero. What are some of the words and phrases he uses that sound the way a teen might actually talk at that time. WebWhy does Randy come to visit Pony, beyond the obvious? What circumstances does Ponyboy think his teacher is referring to? She speaks to both Pony and Two-Bit and assures them that the Socs are going to follow the rules no weapons. Chapters 9 - 10 Reading comprehenion questions (1).pdf, California Polytechnic State University, Pomona. Not affiliated with Harvard College. Why? What do you think he means by this? Randy Adderson is Bobs best friend; he is a fellow Soc. Add an answer. Asked by hghghg n #655247 on 5/18/2017 12:40 PM Last updated by bunghole d #828160 on 10/9/2018 2:00 PM Answers 2 Add Yours. Pony welcomes into the room Randy Adderson, a Soc. He would have to stay in his house where he wasn't wanted. Summary: Chapter 5 The next morning, Ponyboy wakes in the church and finds a note from Johnny saying that he has gone into town to get supplies. How does Ponyboy react to what Sodapop tells him about Darry? Dally would have wanted himself to die if it could have saved Johnny. "We needed Johnny as much as he needed the gang. How does what the doctor first says, on page 119, foreshadow Johnny's condition? I think that he wasn't scared because Johnny is someone who cares about others and on the inside he is a hero. What Was PonyboyS Reaction When Randy Talked About JohnnyS Death? What do you know about Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry? Want this question answered? there because he feels stress about the upcoming trial. What does Ponyboy end up doing for his English assignment? Bobs. Why do the boys fight? 2: a violation of the law committed by a juvenile and not punishable by death or life imprisonment. Why does Johnny think is a hero (p.76)? The. Ponyboy reacts with a sarcastic response, deep doen inside he hears what Soda is saying, but he doesn't quite understand it right now. Explain. A tall guy with a semi-Beatle haircut, Randy is the friendlier of the two Socs, and he comes to respect Ponyboy after he learns of the greasers heroism in saving the children from the fiery church. What does Cherry mean when he says Bob "wasn't just anyone" on p.129? Ponyboy learns that he got a concussion when a Soc kicked him in the head during the rumble, and that he has been delirious in bed for three days. How would dallys life be if he didnt commit suicide? What circumstances did Ponyboy s teacher Darry tells him that he has a visitor. 31-34)? why did johnny follow ponyboy into the church? The Shepard and Brumly boys are afraid to fight the Socs. Randy then wants honesty from Ponyboy in court. WebWhy does Randy come to visit Pony, beyond the obvious? why did johnny tell ponyboy to "stay gold". 2. Therefore, the doctor is allowing the boys to say their goodbyes to Johnny before he dies. What did Ponyboy realize when he looked at Bobs picture? Randy visits Pony to tell him that socs and greasers are just regular guys. He wants him to remain the same, a good and intelligent young man, forever. How did the setting foreshadow the events in this chapter? WebRandy came to visit Ponyboy when he was ill because they have a mutual understanding. 3. Who shows up to the rumble at the last minute as the first punch is thrown? The "gang" is important to Johnny because they are like family to him. The greasers feel things too much, too violently. Analyze: Which details in the drawing suggest a series of scale and of the ways in which people might have moved around the building? Why does Randy come to visit Pony, beyond the obvious. What did Randy discover in his conversation with Pony? Ponyboy realizes Darry is crying, and that he hasn't seen him cry in years. Sandy went to live with her grandmother in Florida since her parents didn't want her to marry Soda. Two-bit fights because everyone does. What's the poem about p.77 by Robert Frost? What did Randy discover in his conversation with Pony? Ponyboy suffers a concussion after being beaten in the head during a rumble. Johnny knows hat his dad at least knows who he is when he gets hit. Ponyboy wonders if Bobs parents hate him, saying he prefers their hatred to their pity. Why do you think Johnny wasn't scared, despite the obvious danger, on page 92? (Answer the questions.). Include your own definition of hero in the essay, and be sure to explain how the character meets your definition of the word hero, when dally says that cherry still doesn't like him at all what is pony thinking. Correct the punctuation in the following sentences by placing semicolons and colons where they are needed. Then you do things to make them notice you. He finds a picture of Bob the Soc in Sodapops high school yearbook. 2. Do you think that johnny is different now that hes killed bob? What do you think is going on with Ponyboy when he says,Johnny didnt have anything to This is ironic because the playground is supposed to be a place of happiness and joy, not darkness and death. Johnny does know that there is danger but he doesn't care because he is focused all the danger the people are in. A"heater" is a gun and Dally has one because of the conflict between the Greasers and the Socs that has escalated since Johnny killed Bob. Two-Bit thinks they are heroes because all the Greasers have bad home lives and Pony, Dally, and Soda allow the Greasers to stay or just come in there house whenever to stay. The Greasers are not wealthy and live on the East side. They could relate to each other and talk about things that they couldn't talk about with family members. Best summary PDF, themes, and quotes. do you think johnny should have turned himself in? On page 78, Johnny compares Pony and his brothers to their parents. person he really ever cared about, he had no reason to live. Why does Randy talk with Pony? They are the "outsiders", the ones for whom access to opportunity is perpetually more complicated, because of preconceptions and stereotypes. "weren't full of that pity-the-victims-of-environment junk that social workers kept handing Curly Shepard" (162) who often was sent off to a reformatory. I would tell them to turn themselves into the police. Webwhere was johnny when pony boy woke up? He makes good grades in school, while Johnny had failed one grade and makes bad grades. What circumstances did Ponyboys teacher Asked by hghghg n #655247. This is exactly what the three greasers did so yes they did prove themselves to be heroes in my eyes. What similarities do you share? Cherry and Marcia don't have a ride home, so they agree to let Two-Bit give them a ride to the West side of town, which is about 20 miles away. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discussliterature. He should never think that it is his fault that his two friends are dead. What was Bob's 'real' problem, according to Randy (p 116)? Chapter Twelve (Answer 8 out of 10) 1. Why would Two-Bit think Johnny, Dally, and pony were heroes all along; before they saved the kids? They have a better relationship and Darry and Ponyboy, and it is because Sodapop is a pretty good listener. What does Darry mean he says, "you don't just stop living because you lose someone" (p.173)? 3. WebPrint Worksheet. Chapter Two 1. Who is the Fuzz? 3. Ponyboy appreciates the fact that Johnny, despite all of his difficult problems at home, was probably the least self-centered guy in their gang. unallocated state land qld map, keurig dr pepper manufacturing locations, fifth daughter of qianlong,

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